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Joomla templates installation

How to install a Joomla template ?

Assuming that you have a working Joomla installation, the following are the steps to install a Joomla template:

  • Look and feel - The design and looks are driven by the template.
  • Size of pages - More files and junk loaded by theme makes it bigger and slower.
  • Module positions - Positions and responsove layout elements to enhance the site.
  • Extensions support - Good templates that use latest technology can natively support major extensions.

Alt StarAzure template - News

How to choose a good template ?

Finding a Joomla template that not only looks good but also is built with proper SEO in mind is not easy. Almost all theme providers create templates without taking speed and performance into consideration. Do not be fooled by a good looking fancy template. The template loads on every single page of your website which makes it the most important factor in improving speed. Here are a few things you can do to make sure the template is fast:

  • Look under the hood - On the demo page of the theme provider, view the source (CTRL + U). Make sure there are only one or 2 javascript and css files. Any template that has more than two css files or javascript files can easily slow your site down.
  • Test the template on Pingdom tools - Copy the url of the template and head to Pingdom Website Speed Test. Enter the URL and choose New York (most reliable)as your location. If the page takes more than 4 seconds to load, it is a useless template. Themes like StarAzure Homerun - Free, loads in less than half a second. It will almost be impossible to find a good template faster than this but try to find something that loads in less than 2 seconds.

Alt Test website on pingdom tools

  • Check the number of requests and page size - While you are on the pingdom site, also take a look at the number of page requests. Typically this should be around 20 or less.

Why are StarAzure templates unique ?

We STAND OUT from the rest. Our ideas are new and intelligent. We focus on making the lightest, fastest and smartest themes and extensions. We have over 13 years of web development experience and have been selling templates from 2012.

If you really want your site to look unique and load fast we should be an easy choice for you.

  • Makes Joomla Faster - Our themes unload unwanted files that Joomla loads and optimizes the web pages.
  • StarAzure Framework - Get the advantage of perhaps the lightest, smartest and fastest Joomla template framework.
  • Responsive & Responsible - Fully responsive templates with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Versions - All our themes come with a free version that actually can build the same site that the Pro versions can.