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StarAzure Quick Start / Demo Package

What is a StarAzure demo package ?

A quick start package provided by StarAzure will help you build a site that looks like our theme demo in as little as 2 minutes. We spend weeks and months of dedicated time to build the themes and demo packages. By providing the quick start package, we ensure that you do not necesairly have to re-invent the wheel.

We do not install third party modules, plugins and extensions in almost all cases. However, if we build a theme with specific purpose such as shopping cart which Joomla does not support, we may install a third party extension.


Our goal is to make the demo package as light weight as possible.

How can I get a StarAzure demo package ?

Each template (Pro version only) that we provide, comes with a Quick Start / Demo package as well. You do not have to pay anything extra to download the quick start package.

Options to install a StarAzure demo package

Option 1: Contact us and we will install it for you free of cost of you are a pro version subscriber. You will need a working domain. You will also need a working server which can host php/mysql with access to cpanel.

Option 2: Install yourself - Every StarAzure quick start package zip file comes the following when unzipped:

  • Theme_Demo_Package.jpa - The exact name will differ by theme. This jpa file is the demo package file.
  • Kickstart.php - This is Akeeba Kickstart.php file. Feel free to download the latest version from Akeeba website but it should not matter if the installation goes fine.
  • Readme.txt - This file has some basic instructions for you to read that will help with installation.

Steps to install a StarAzure demo package


Similar to what you would do for default Joomla installation, create a database which will be used for your Joomla site.

  • Copy files to your server - Copy the jpa and kickstart.php files to the root of your server.
  • Start installation - Start the installation by entering in your browser
  • Follow the steps - Just follow the steps during the installation. You will be asked to enter database name, its username and password.
  • Clean up - Follow the instructions and click on the clean up button to remove unwanted files.

Modify the site to suit your needs

Once you have installed our demo package, use some time to navigate around a get familiar. You can look at our theme specific documentation


To keep your site fast and light weight, DO NOT install any extensions unless absolutely necessary. You would not buy a ferrari and install big huge tires and bumper stickers on it right away. Similarly, don't mess us your brand new website.

What should you do if your installation failed ?


Report it to us through the support forum and we will take care of it.