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After the huge success we had with our Joomla themes that are the FASTEST on the planet, we are now in the innovation garage working on our first Wordpress theme.

Who will bell the Wordpress Cat ?

Someone has to bell the cat ! Someone has to step in and create top quality Wordpress themes as well. The short answer is - It will be us - StarAzure ! Watch out for our WordPress theme that will be the fastest on the planet !

WordPress cat to be belled by StarAzure

Wordpress vs Joomla

If you did not get a chance to read our detailed Wordpress Vs Joomla comparison, you can read it by clicking here. Wordpress is popular and the story there is the same. Most of the themes do not focus on website speed, optimization and performance. They simply exist for sale and just to mint money.

At StarAzure, we believe that the future is for web pages that are fast and optimized. Loading unwanted Wordpress plugins to make things work and look good temporarily is a ticking time bomb. Over a period of time these plugins also have to be updated frequently. Our brand new Wordpress themes will eliminate the need to load more css and js files than needed.

What is the next plan ?

Right now we hope to release one Wordpress theme and a Joomla based forum theme in the next 30 days by around mid to early July 2018. All our existing paid Joomla subscribers will get free one year access to our Wordpress themes as well.

Will Wordpress themes be a separate membership ?

Yes, Joomla and Wordpress theme development is totally different and both need enormous number of hours. In order to continue to bring the top quality products to you, separate Wordpress and Joomla membership system will be implemented.