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Wordpress and Joomla are both well known content management systems. Both have their own market, advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will look at both Wordpress and Joomla in detail and figure out which one is more popular.

This article is not going to tell you the same old stories such as security features, themes and add ons, ease of use etc. These are the basics and are common between Wordpress and Joomla with certain differences. What we will focus in this artcile is to figure out what the millions of users on the planet use - Wordpress or Joomla.

Interest score comparison - Wordpress is a clear winner

According to Google trends, wordpress has an interest score almost 11 times more than Joomla. The graph below shows that in May 2018, Joomla had a score of just 5 whereas Wordpress has a whooping 81. This is a clear evidence that Wordpress has spread across the internet much faster than Joomla.

95 percent of countries prefer Wordpress

Most countries love Wordpress and use it much more than Joomla. The only countries in which Joomla leads over Wordpress are Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Tanzania and a couple others. The picture below shows how Wordpress is preferred all over the Globe by millions of users.

Joomla jobs almost non existent compared to Wordpress

Wordpress web developers have a 90 percent chance of finding a job whereas Joomla has a score of less than 5. If you are a Joomla web developer and finding it hard to find jobs, it could be time to start looking at Wordpress more seriously.

The chart below shows that Wordpress job score is much higher than Joomla.

Wordpress as an organization is much more friendly than Joomla

If you have ever been on Joomla's site such as their forum or extensions directory, you probably already know it is a nightmare. There are a lot of rude and narrow minded people who act as moderators and they dont want to see other developers excel and do good. Extensions that developers submit take weeks to get approved. There are a lot of immature moderators as well.

The quality of templates and extensions for Joomla has gone down over the years. There is a lot of abuse by extension and theme providers who do not focus on making light weight products.

Joomla can do more than Wordpress

After reading the details above, you probably think Wordpress is a clear winner. There is one area where Joomla can be crowned a winner by a narrow margin.

Joomla along with its components can be much more powerful than Wordpress. While Wordpress is great for blogs and SEO, Joomla can be used to build more functionality.