StarAzure makes the fastest Joomla templates on the planet.

We can prove it

We compared our new StarAzure Framework based Joomla theme with the latest templates from some major theme providers. We're not mentioning the names of any providers but just posting results of tests for our visitors. You can run the same tests yourself on Pingdom Speed Test and judge for yourself. All tests were run from New York city.

Disclaimer: We respect all these theme providers and this test is not meant to portray anyone as a good or bad theme maker. This is a basic test and intended to showcase the effort we have put into making the fastest Joomla themes. Results may vary based on Pingdom's site load.

Rank 1: StarAzure Homerun

Performance: 97 Load Time: 0.42 s Faster than: 98%

StarAzure homerun theme loads just 1 javascript and 1 css file and it includes Bootstrap 4. There are a lot of other optimizations that make our site faster even though it's hosted on an inexpensive $5.95 a month shared hosting from Siteground.

StarAzure Speed Test

Rank 2:

Performance: 79 Load Time: 1.24 s Faster than: 85%

Although this theme is faster than 85% of the sites, the performance grade is low. The page was built light which boosted the ranking.

Provider Speed Test

Rank 3:

Performance: 88 Load Time: 1.36 s Faster than: 82%

This theme loads with a decent speed. It's light-weight and has a good performance grade, but the speed is nowhere near what StarAzure can offer.

Provider Speed Test

Rank 4:

Performance: 94 Load Time: 1.72 s Faster than: 75%

This theme is from a theme provider that we respect a lot. They provide high quality themes and we've always been a fan. The performance grade is slightly under StarAzure but, again, speed is where we beat them by a large margin.

Provider Speed Test

Rank 5:

Performance: 98 Load Time: 2.05 s Faster than: 69%

The size of this page is huge. There are a lot of requests which takes the page more than 2 seconds to load. This is 400% slower than StarAzure.

Provider Speed Test